Hi, I'm Audra Johnson and I am sharing an opportunity in an anointed Christian home business with you and how you can boldly step into entrepreneurship.  I’ve left the Government sector and Corporate America to dedicate my life “full-time” to helping others get what they want.  I am your shortest path to success right now.  No, I am not offering a get rich quick scheme, nor am I promising you riches overnight.  But I bring a life-changing opportunity and I offer hope.  Even President Barack Obama authored “The Audacity of Hope”. 

Author and multi-millionaire, Robert Kiyosaki talked about the Cashflow Quadrant.  On this 4 part illustration it symbolizes where most people are in life. E (employee), S (self-employed), B (business owner) and/or I (investor).   In the last 2 years, unemployment rates have reached all time highs.  Has this happened to you?  Have you positioned yourself  if this would happen to you?  Find something you love, something you are passionate about and make money doing it.  Move from Employee to Entrepreneur. 

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Pray and Grow Rich.  Believe, have Faith and Dream BIG! !  Have a big audacious dream.  Dreams don’t “just” come true.  You have to take steps towards your dream every single day.  In the good book it says that “faith without works is dead.”  Without a dream, without works (action), you are merely living your life out of your past and the situations and circumstances that have happened to you.  Change your mindset to start living your life not from past experiences but out of your imagination.

I offer you an opportunity to own a Christian home business within the jewelry industry.  This company was established in 1989, specializing in exquisite, affordable, high fashion jewelry.  Founded by Dr. Lynn who is an Evangelist, a Motivational Speaker, and an Author.  She is the recipient of the prestigious Madame CJ Walker Award for entrepreneur excellence.  Her mission is to motivate, inspire and change lives – passing the MIC.

We make multiple streams of income in sales through home shows, e-commerce, catalogs, bonuses and passive income.  Jewelry is a billion dollar industry.  The jewelry sells itself.  Just wear it and see.  Our average consultants are making $500 to $1,000 per month in sales.  In addition to sales we have a lucrative commission structure to earn passive income.  Come on, earn more money, be blessed so that you may be a blessing to others.

We have 3 investment options to get you started for as low as $6.63 a day.  That’s right $6.63 over a 30 day period can buy you business ownership.  Put down that cup of coffee, take lunch to work, cut back on driving to save a few gallons of gas.  Whatever it takes, do it.

One of our investment options is only $199 plus your state tax.  With this starter kit you get 6 pre-selected pieces of  jewelry.  You earn 25% until you’ve reached $500 in wholesale purchases (known as volume).  You get a starter kit with basic essentials for training and to do business.

 Another investment option is $350 plus your state tax.  You pick out $245 in wholesale priced jewelry which is retailed for $325.  You make 25% profit until reaching $500 in wholesale volume.

Our 3rd and best investment option is $630 plus your state tax.  You select $500 in wholesale priced jewelry which is retailed to sell for $1,000.  This option brings you in making 50% profit immediately because you’ve met the volume requirement of $500.

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